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Progress Report - Editor Demo Available

posted on 24 Nov 2013 by Tim | Custom Mini Scene
We've been hard at work developing the 3D editor for minis. We're not done yet, but we thought I'd be good to give people an idea of how it's all going to work.

Noob Mistakes

posted on 29 Oct 2013 by Mark | Player's Perspective
At age thirty I threw caution to the wind and started playing D&D. Taking a page from my decades of video game experience I hit the internet and found smart people creating scary builds. Of course, I grabbed the first one that sounded cool and was soon over my head among a party of veterans. I made the classic noobie mistake

Yes, and...

posted on 08 Oct 2013 by Murphy | GM's Perspective
Stop saying "no" to your players and start saying "yes, and..."

Introducing Adventurin Playtests

posted on 23 Sep 2013 by Tim | Playtest
While we love developing cool new tools for custom minis, we also love playing RPG games. We know how hard finding people to play test your game is, so we're going to play test it for you!

You Do Not Control the World

posted on 09 Sep 2013 by Murphy | GM's Perspective
The world may be your oyster, but you don’t run the show. Your role as a GM is to provide a structured sandbox and collaboratively tell the story. You will need to improvise as your story is driven by the players and their characters.

Let's Go Adventurin

posted on 27 Aug 2013 by Tim | Custom Mini Scene
Have you ever came up with the perfect character concept and just couldn't find a miniature that did it justice? I know I definitely have. Adventurin is our attempt to tackle this problem. Read inside for more details on what Adventurin is and why we're making it.