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Posted on 27 Aug 2013 by Tim | Custom Mini Scene
Have you ever spent hours, or even days, creating the perfect character for a tabletop RPG? I remember coming up with a concept for a paladin, a haunted man who was a beacon of hope in a world of evil. I spent a week crafting an intricate, and horrific backstory for him that explained his devotion to good, and why he _always_ stopped to help stranded travellers. When it came to play him, I couldn't find a miniature that did him justice.
All the paladin miniatures on the market are big, burly muscled men. Silas, my paladin, was a lanky man. Most paladins weilded long swords, but Silas' chosen weapon was a scythe. I put so much time and energy into crafting my unique character, and I couldn't do him justice when trying to pick his in game representation. His miniature is how my other party members would view him, it was important to get it right. However, I couldn't.
My friends feel the same way as I do, so we decided to start a company to fix this.
We're working on a free online 3D editor we can use to build custom miniatures for our characters. No plugins, no hard to use 3D software, no modeling skills required. Simply build your miniature, pose it and buy it. We'll use cutting edge 3D printing technology to turn your dream miniature into reality, and send it directly to you. All for the same price, or less than you're paying for your miniatures today.
While we work on our tool, we're going to share interesting RPG gaming tips and playtest other people's games, because we all still love to play pen and paper RPGs. Feel free to subscribe to our blog, and if you want to know when we go live with our editor, join our mailing list and we'll let you know.
We're super excited to start this adventure, and we'd love you to come along with us.
- Tim, Murphy, Gentry, Jason, and Mark


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