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The First Progress Report & Peachy Printer

Posted on 02 Oct 2013 by Tim | Custom Mini Scene

It has officially been a month since we started blogging about all things tabletop RPG while we work on our cool custom mini editor. Last month we introduced ourselves and what we hope to build. Every month we'll be posting updates on our progress, and interesting things going on in the world of both tabletop RPGs and 3D printing!

Firstly, Wizards of the Coast have released their last D&D Next play test packet. Jason has been playing through these play tests with his gaming group, so we'll blog about his experiences in the coming weeks and let you know what to expect from the next edition.

Next, Gentry and I have been making good progress on our custom mini editor. We have:

  • Fixed the camera so that it's smooth and rotates around the center properly
  • Added a toolbox of items to the editor (just primitive types right now)
  • Added drag and drop functionality to drag items from the toolbox onto the editor

We're going to update the landing page demo with the new code, but there are a few things we need to do first. Before next month, we'd like to:

  • Create a library build workflow to deploy faster
  • Create an asset build workflow to easily add assets to the editor
  • Implement moving objects in the editor

We're confident that when we push these updates through, you're going to be able to play with the editor and get a good feel for how it's all going to work. You may even be able to start constructing your own minis using just primtive shapes, like spheres and cubes!

Lastly, I backed a really cool 3D printer project called the Peachy Printer on Kickstarter. The thing I really like about the Peachy Printer is the commitment to a low price through innovative techniques. Without getting all 3D print geeky here, the Peachy Printer uses a printing technique that is unique and ingenious that they're leveraging to sell the printer for only $100! If the quality of printing checks out, that could mean faster turn around times for custom minis when we launch!


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