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Noob Mistakes

Posted on 29 Oct 2013 by Mark | Player's Perspective

At age thirty I threw caution to the wind and started playing D&D. Taking a page from my decades of video game experience I hit the internet and found smart people creating scary builds. Of course, I grabbed the first one that sounded cool and was soon over my head among a party of veterans. I made the classic noobie mistake, I was so focused on how awesome my character was going to be when I ground out 10k experience that I was shocked to find myself at the helm of a character I scarcely understood locked into a rigid build order at level 1. No character growth planned besides piles of phat loot and my enemies' corpses in our wake. My character lacked depth because I was too concerned with numbers and not concerned enough about telling any type of story.

Focusing too much on any aspect of a character removes a bit of self discovery. Time and again the best adventures don't come from pure damage or the ability to turn into a celestial velociraptor at 7th level. (that was awesome though)

It's about thinking on your feet, working together, going in as the underdog and emerging battered and bruised but alive. How you do that is up to you. Don't let someone else make that choice for you.


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